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We at Truckreparatören have long experience with forklifts. As an independent supplier, we offer forklift rental, sale of used forklifts, forklift services, fork tests, spare parts, rental, finance and forklift training. We are located in both Stockholm and Uppsala where we in both cities can offer our customers fast delivery of used forklift as well as personal service regarding your forklift needs. Please contact us for more information about forklifts, forklift rental or other services.

Do you want to rent a forklift?

Do you want to buy your forklift?

We offer truck rental where you can hire a truck for both a day as well as for several years. In the event of changing needs, just contact us as we look to develop a new solution for you. With about 350 used forklifts in stock, we can offer you a wide range of forklift with fast delivery.

If your forklift is broken, we offer fast and efficient forklift services in both Stockholm and Uppsala.

As an independent supplier, we can, as mentioned, offer in principle all forklift brands on the market. The most common brands are  BT truck, Linde truck, Caterpillar, Toyota, Atlet, Nissan. Contact us and we will help you find the forklift that best suits your needs!

Are you looking for an electric forklift or a diesel forklift, a reach truck or a wharehouse forklift or a stacker? We have the options for you. Of course we also sell forklifts in smaller models such as low lifters and towing forklifts.

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Are you interested in buying or renting a truck, new as used, or do you have a question about our services? Take advantage of our skills and get the best possible truck for your purpose! You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page.


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