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We have many used forlkifts for sale

Do you want to buy a forklift or leasa forklift? We have what you are looking for! We have a wide range of over 350 used trucks for sale, and we also sell new forklifts if you want it. You can choose to buy a forklift or lease forklift with long payment time. We are located in Stockholm and Uppsala with customers that extend all over Sweden.

Some of our most common brands are

Linde, BT, Toyota, Jungheinrich, Atlet, Clark Mitsubichi

Please contact us if you have questions about buying forklifts or financing!

Peter Tschöp

Peter Tschöp Truckreparatören - om du vill köpa truck

Sales Manager

Peter Tschöp

Tel. 08 - 712 03 85

Cell: 0707-170108

E-mail: peter@truckreparatoren.com

Linde truck - köpa truck
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Rent first - buy later

With us, you have the opportunity to rent forklift first and then buy and / or choose to split your payment if you want to try out. The possibilities are many where we together find a solution that suits you.

We come out and visit you to get in touch with what you need. We measure gates and gates where needed and come up with solutions that are right for you! Fill out the form here on the right and we will call you back!

We always offer personalized service when you buy, rent or rent forklifts for a long time!

What kind of forklift do you need?

Do you need to buy a forklift to go outdoors or indoors?

Electric Forklift

Electric forklifts are the most popular truck type in the market. They are used both indoors and outdoors and are a good choice for driving and loading inside and out. An electric forklift manages to lift heavily but usually not as heavy as a diesel forklift truck. But they are easy to drive and do not sound.

Diesel forklift

A diesel forklift is a good choice if you have large outdoor spaces. A diesel truck is often very high performance and can handle heavy lifting regardless of the weather.

What kind of forklift model do you need?

There are many different types of forklifts, they are adapted to what work they are going to perform.

The most common models of forklifts are forklift trucks, counterbalanced trucks, stackers, towingtrucks, electric forklift, pick up truck, pallet truck, stand stacker, forklift truck, four-way truck go to the different information pages for more information.

Sometimes it is not entirely clear which truck you need - get help from us - we have been involved in many decisions and truck choice and know the pitfalls and can guide you right!

Do you have any dimensions that are important to you when buying a forklift?

Should the forklift work on a small or large surface? Do you need a forklift that has to be narrow? Or do you need someone who lifts up very high? Or do you need a low-lift truck? Do you have any external restrictions like ports where the truck must get under? Or between locations at floor level, or must the load be lifted? If the load is to be lifted - how high then? There are all variants of forklifts, shooters, telescopic presses, medium lifting, pallet trucks, 3-wheel counterbalanced truck etc ..

There are many questions when buying a truck but we will help you - we have long experience and make a personal visit if you want!

Interested in a specific brand?

Or just buy the right truck for your needs?

Because we are an independent forklift supplier so we can find the right truck depending on your circumstances and preferences regarding your truck and is not locked to any specific truck brand, but you can choose the functionality.

We have long experience of different needs. The most common truck brands we work with are:

Linde Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling



Kalmar truck

Atlet truck

Mitsubichi truck



Clark truck

CAT Caterpillar


What about finance and leasing

We work closely with bank and finance companies and can offer more options for financing. No matter what type of financing you choose when you want to buy a forklift, we will adjust your agreement and service to your requirements.

Contact us!

Tyresö: 08 - 712 03 85 Uppsala: 018 - 10 82 92
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Call us, fill out the contact form or email us if you have questions about our forklifts and discuss what your needs wishes and we will help you!

We have long experience and great skills so do not hesitate to hear from you!

Here you will find brands such as, BT, Caterpillar, Linde, Toyota, Atlet, Nissan. If you want, you can search our forklifts here...

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