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Do you want to rent a forklift?

We have over 350 forklift trucks for forklift trucks. You can hire forklift trucks from one day to several years. Do you want to rent a truck in Greater Stockholm or are you in Uppsala? We are located in both cities and have customers throughout Sweden.

As an independent truck dealer, we have many different truck brands, which is important. That you can lift your cargo in the way that your business requires with the rented forklift you choose!

The most common brands for rental trucks are Linde, BT, Toyota, Jungheinrich, Atlet, Clark Mitsubichi etc

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What kind of forklift do you need?

Do you need to hire a truck to go outdoors or indoors? Below is a small selection of the trucks we can offer you.

Electric forklifts

Electric forklifts are the most popular type of truck in the market. Electric trucks are used for indoor and outdoor use. An electric truck is a good choice for driving and loading as well as driving inside and out. An electric forklift can handle heavy, but not as heavy as a diesel truck. Electric trucks are easy to drive and are extremely quiet. Electric trucks can be used in all indoor environments.

Diesel forklift

A diesel forklift is a good choice if you have large outdoor spaces. A diesel truck is often very high performance and can handle heavier lift as well as cold and wet climate.

What kind of forklift do you need?

There are many different truck models with different functionality.

From us you can rent

skid steer (forklift truck), counterbalanced forklift, stacker, truck mounted forklift, eltruck dieseltruck, pick-up truck, stacker stacker, stand stacker, forklift truck, four-way truck

Is not it quite clear what truck you need? Take our help! We have been involved in many decisions of the selection of renting a forklift and can guide you to the right.

Do you have any measurements that are important to you when you hire a truck?

Do you need to hire a forklift to go on a small or large surface? Does the truck need to be narrow? If the load is to be lifted - how high then? Do you need a forklift that lifts very high? Do you have any external restrictions, such as ports where the carriage has to get under or between different places at floor level?

There are many questions that need to be answered but we'll help you - usually you can rent a truck in just a few minutes after you've talked to us!

Most common forklift brands

Our most common truck brands include Linde, BT, Toyota, Jungheinrich and Atlet. Playing the brand does not matter, but you just want to hire the right truck for your needs? As an independent forklift supplier, we can pick up the right truck according to your requirements and wishes regarding your hired truck. We are not locked to any special truck mark but with us you can sort on functionality.

We work with and have extensive experience in hiring trucks in Stockholm, Greater Stockholm and Uppsala. Contact us today and get personal help in hiring prints.

Below you can see what other used truck categories we have. Click the buttons for more information.

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Tyresö: 08 - 712 03 85 Uppsala: 018 - 10 82 92

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Call us, fill out the contact form or email us if you have questions about our forklifts and discuss what your needs wishes and we will help you!

We have long experience and great skills so do not hesitate to hear from you!

Here you will find brands such as, BT, Caterpillar, Linde, Toyota, Atlet, Nissan. If you want, you can search our forklifts here...

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