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Forklift batteries

Electric forklifts are powered by a powerful battery to always provide maximum performance. A battery needs to be taken every day for long battery life. Maintenance increases the life span and preserves the performance of your battery for maximum use of all trucks.
Extends the life of the battery
In order to preserve battery performance as long as possible, they need not only be maintained and repaired but also loaded properly.
We collaborate with the Batteriunion for quality-assured truck batteries

It is important that you have the right forklift battery for every forklift
Your electric truck needs a powerful battery to always deliver maximum performance. Below are examples of different batteries

Lead acid battery (standard)

In 24, 48 and 80 volt versions for lightweight to heavier applications
Enclosed, robust battery technology with liquid electrolyte
Long life with high utilization of charging cycles
Proven technology with tube plates for high performance, efficiency, maximum
reliability and high energy density
Long-term leakproofness with dense connections
Maintenance-friendly through completely insulated screwed rods and cell connectors
Syracirculation (optional)
Manual or automatic water refill

Lead acid battery with extended service intervals

In 24, 48 and 80 volt versions for easy to medium applications
Reduced water consumption through optimized plumbing
Up to 120 cycles (charging / discharging process) without water refill
Special Jungheinrich charging technology and electrolyte circulation * are required
Particularly effective with central water refill (Aquamatik)

Maintenance-free battery (eg gel type)

In 24 and 48-volt design for lightweight applications
Closed cells make water refueling not necessary
No contamination or corrosion through gel electrolytes
Ideal for applications in food, pharmaceutical and chemical
industry due to extremely low gas formation during operation

* Air is pumped into the battery and mixes the battery acid properly. The advantage: faster charging and less service work through lower water consumption.

Battery charger

There is a suitable charger for each forklift battery. In order to preserve battery performance as long as possible, they need not only be maintained and repaired but also loaded properly.

Economic energy supply that suits your requirements.

Whether the battery is lead acid or maintenance-free. One, two or three-shift operation. 3-phase AC or single-phase feed. Light or heavy load. With or without temporary intermediate charge. We work together with the Batteriunion and help you find the right charger for each charge curve, battery type, and battery design. This for maximum lifetime and maximum efficiency.

To keep in mind when charging

Incorrect charging shortens battery life. Do not charge the battery more than max 80%. Charging consists of main charging and recharging where the main charge fills in the amount consumed and the charge that charges the battery 5-20% more so that the electrolyte is moved and equilibrated. It is recommended that each started charging cycle be fully completed.

Water refilling
Batteries need to be filled with deionized water about every fifth to seventh charging cycle. Fill water when the truck is fully charged to the selected level in the cells, no more.

Acid Control
Charge the battery fully and measure the specific weight in all cells as well as the temperature in the middle cell. If the weight of the acid after charging is below the values ​​recommended by the manufacturer or if the acid weight varies from cell to cell by more than 30 then the battery should be leveled.

Think of
Never allow a battery to overheat If a battery is designated for overheating during use or charging or if a strong sulfur smell is released, immediately disconnect the battery. Call a service provider. Never leave a battery while charging near sparks or open flames.

During charging, batteries produce explosive hydrogen, which can cause an explosion.

Do you have concerns about your forklift solutions?

We stock over 350  forklifts for rental and sales. You can rent a forklift from a day to several years or you buy one. We are represented in the whole of Mälardalen to serve your forklift and we've also sold to satisfied customers all over the country. We are represented in Uppsala and StorStockholm.

As an independent forklift dealer, we have many different truck brands, it is the function that is important - you can lift your cargo in the way that your business requires with the truck you choose!

The most common brands are Linde, BT, Toyota, Jungheinrich, Atlet, Clark Mitsubichi etc

Hyra Lindetruck
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Because we are an independent truck supplier, we can find the right forklift depending on your requirements and wishes regarding your truck and are not locked to any special truck mark, that means that you can choose the right functionality to find a forklift among all forklift brands.

We work with and have long experience of used forklifts. Our experienced mechanics often have the most common truck parts in their cars, which means they can quickly help you if something breaks. If we do not have the right spare parts with us - we will order them and come out with them. If it is a major repair, it is possible to borrow a replacement replacement during the repair period.

The most common truck brands we work with are:

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