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Forklift training

Truckreparatören have a long experience of truck driver training, and with us you will have the opportunity to try several different truck brands and sizes. We organize certified trucking courses that give you truck cards after completion of forklift training. Contact us for more information.

Forklift driving licens

It is important that you who drive a forklift truck can do it safely. During our forklift driver training you will learn everything you need to carry the truck in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. We’ll review how to best use the forklift truck to lift load and how heavy the truck can handle lifting. Safety aspects are an important part of the training, as truck drivers, it is important to safely use the truck to avoid damage to people, cargo and property.

The course consists of both theory and a lot of practical exercises. We have several different trucks you will be able to test, giving you a unique chance to try out different truck models and sizes that you can encounter at work. After graduating, you will receive your driver’s license, something that is a significant merit in many different workplaces. We make sure that you get the skills you need to become a good and safe truck driver.

Fees and schedule

We offer our customers customized training.

Our courses are in Stockholm. Sign up for pricing and date of training. If you are interested in our forklift courses, please contact us by phone 08-712 03 85 or e-mail

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Here you will find brands such as, BT, Caterpillar, Linde, Toyota, Atlet, Nissan. If you want, you can search here among our forklifts in stock ...

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