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What needs do you have - do you want to buy or lease your forklift?

We at Truckreparatören have over 350 used forklifts for sale, in stock. We also forklift rental so it is possible both to buy as well as rent trucks when you contact us.

You need to decide if you want a newer or older forklift. A newer forklift has a longer life, but sometimes it can be enough to replace the batteries at an older forklift for it to be new. Battery Freshness is therefore of great importance to the price.

We have Sweden's largest warehouse of used forklifts. You can find information about all our truck types on each page. You can also choose to directly search for the trucks we have in stock by filling in the criteria you are interested in below.

From low lifter and pick up truck to stacker and reachtruck

Our forklifts are divided into different forklift types and models. The most common forklifts are probably pallet trucks, alternatively pallet loaders, which basically all companies today need whatever stock. They are pulled or pushed by hand.

The second most common forklift truck is a counterbalance truck. Its name is because it has a counterweight behind which weighs up the load on the forks. Forklift trucks are available in all brands where the most common counterbalance truck we have is the Linde E12.

Whether you are in need of a diesel forklift, towing forklift or a four-way, you can expect to find what you need with us. With a wide range of dedicated employees, you can count on getting personalized help finding the truck that suits your needs and wishes.

Below are some of the most common forklift categories we have in stock, click the buttons for more information. For all categories see the menu.


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We have long experience and great skills so do not hesitate to hear from you!

Here you will find brands such as, BT, Caterpillar, Linde, Toyota, Atlet, Nissan. If you want, you can search here among our forklifts in stock ...

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