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Four-way forklift

Four-way truck is a kind of forklift truck. Unlike a regular forklift truck, it is possible to put all four wheels on the four-wheel drive so that you can drive in all directions. They also often have fork spreaders so they can move pallets and long loads.

The lifting capacity of the most common four-way trucks on the market is between somewhere between 2 and 2.5 tonnes. The maximum center of gravity usually stretches to 60cm while the height of the lift on the other hand varies a lot. A variant of the truck type can handle lift heights between 4.3 meters and up to 8.5 meters while a slightly larger variant can handle a lift height between 4.5 and up to 9 meters.

They are only manufactured as electric trucks.

Why should you choose a used four-way truck?

The trucks are also adapted to indoors in warehouses and similar premises.If you are cramped for space and high-rack close to each other - then you should choose a four-way because the truck with high precision capability can access the narrow aisles in that it can go sideways into the once and have forks on the shelves. The truck is used mostly indoors and is powered by a truck battery. Electric trucks are environmentally friendly to own and rent. It is battery manufacturing that requires a lot of energy resources.

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Do you want to rent or buy? We can help you regardless. Take a look at our forklifts in stock and you will find many forklifts, there are constantly forklifts comming and going so we might have received the right forklift for you. Give us a call and we will find a forklift that suits you!

What brand should I choose?

Because we are an independent truck supplier so we can find the right truck depending on your circumstances and preferences regarding your four-way and are not locked to any specific truck brand, but you can choose the functionality.

We work with and have long experience of used forklifts. Our experienced mechanics often have the most common four-way parts in their cars, so they can quickly help you if something breaks. If the spare parts with us, we will order parts and come out and continue with the repair.

The most common truck brands we work with are:




What drivers license do I need?

In order to drive a four-way truck, forklift class B-B6 is required

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