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Towing truck

Our used towing trucks are fast and powerful electric powered. Both platform and towing trucks are very flexible. They are ideal for internal medium and long journeys, with or without trailers.

Typical applications are transport between warehouses and production halls. For different types of horizontal transport, ie sideways, a used truck with a trolley or cart is a used truck that is the best working vehicle. It is important that the trucks are ergonomic because when working with heavy loads.Tow trucks are only manufactured as electric forklifts.

The reasons you should choose a towing truck

Available towing trucks

Do you want to buy or rent a used towing truck? Or would you like to rent before you buy to see if the forklift fits you? We have many forklifts in stock so we certainly have one that suits

Do you have concerns about your forklift solutions?

We stock over 350  forklifts for rental and sales. You can rent a forklift from a day to several years or you buy one. We are represented in the whole of Mälardalen to serve your forklift and we've also sold to satisfied customers all over the country. We are represented in Uppsala and StorStockholm.

As an independent forklift dealer, we have many different truck brands, it is the function that is important - you can lift your cargo in the way that your business requires with the truck you choose!

The most common brands are Linde, BT, Toyota, Jungheinrich, Atlet, Clark Mitsubichi etc

Hyra Lindetruck
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Which brand should I choose?

Because we are an independent truck supplier, we can get the right forklift truck depending on your requirements and wishes regarding your dirt truck and is not locked to any special truck mark, but you can choose functionality.

Most common brands

We work with and has extensive experience in used towing forklifts. Our experienced mechanics often have the most common forklift trucks in their cars, so they can quickly help you if anything breaks down. If the spare parts are not available, we will order parts and come out with them.

The most common forklift brands we work with are:





Environmental facts

Tow trucks are environmentally friendly to own and rent. It is battery manufacturing that requires a lot of energy resources.

To drive a tow truck   - Which driving license is required?

In order to drive a low-lift truck or medium-level pick-up truck, only truck card Class A is required

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